How hard is the MBLEx

How Hard is the MBLEx Really?

(Updated 2021) One of the most frequently asked questions I get from massage therapy students is, “How hard is the MBLEx?” I was wondering the same thing as I was preparing for the massage exam. How hard is the MBLEx, really? The good news is that the content on the

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Massage therapy interview for job

How To Nail Your Massage Therapy Interview (2021)

Getting your first massage therapy job is an exciting experience. For many newly licensed therapists, it will be the first time working at a job that they are actually passionate about. And it will be a relief to finally have a good income rolling in. After graduating from massage school,

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Integumentary system layers MBLEx

MBLEx Review: Integumentary System Anatomy and Physiology

As massage therapists, one of the systems of the body that we influence the most is the integumentary system. Even though our techniques are often focused on treating deeper structures like muscle tissue and fascia, we can only do this by working through the skin. What is the integumentary system?

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massage therapist self care

Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists

Massage therapy is a rewarding career. We have the opportunity to improve other peoples’ lives by relieving their stress and pain. It has the potential to be a lifelong career, but being a massage therapist can be a demanding job. Over time, working as a massage therapist can take a

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massage therapy SOAP notes

How To Write Massage Therapy Soap Notes

(Updated for 2021) Writing treatment notes is one of the routine activities that massage therapists do every day. The most common form that therapists use to document their client sessions is the SOAP note. What are SOAP notes? A SOAP note is a documentation format that massage therapists and other

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