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The MBLEx covers content that an entry-level massage therapist needs to know to provide safe and effective treatments for the general public. Massage students who graduated from an accredited and quality massage program have likely been introduced to most of the topics on the exam. Some programs however may have not provided adequate instruction of content needed to pass the licensing exam. 

Another factor to consider is how much have you been studying up until now? Often times, regardless of the quality of massage program, you get out of it what you put into it. So be honest with yourself. If you have barely passed your tests up until now, and hardly cracked open a textbook, the MBLEx will be pretty challenging. This also goes for a review system like MBLExGuide. If you join and just log in a couple of times, take a couple of quizzes and only spend a few hours studying, you will receive minimal benefit. However if you take full advantage of all the resources here on a daily basis, then the test will likely seem easy.

People that do not pass can retake the exam after a 30-day waiting period. The waiting period was established to prevent people from attempting the exam again before taking the time to do adequate additional studying. 

The average pass rate for first time MBLEx test takers is about 70%. The average pass rate for those students who have to retake the exam is less than 50%. It costs $195 each time you must take the exam. So it is worth it to get a solid review system to prepare for the exam.

You may select 1 state licensing board when you are scheduling your test, that you wish to receive a copy of your results. You may (for a fee) select that Pearson VUE send your results to other state boards. This is typically only needed if you will be working in multiple states or know you will be moving soon. The MBLEx also has a Report Transfer form. 

The FSMTB no longer gives scores after the test. It is simply “pass” or “fail”. Because the MBLEx is now a computer adaptive test (CAT), passing requires the test taker to correctly answer a certain number of questions correctly at a certain level of difficulty. In general, you should strive to score at least 70% on the MBLExGuide practice tests. 

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