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MBLExGuide is for massage therapy students and graduates who need to pass the FSMTB Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). We focus on providing useful and relevant articles, practical guides, study tips, test-taking tips, and other resources to help you prepare for and pass the massage exam. We also provide online quizzes and realistic full-length practice exams that are designed to supplement your massage education program and show you what to expect on the actual massage licensing exam.

MBLEx Course

Passing the MBLEx is often the final step in becoming a licensed massage therapist. Preparing for the massage exam however should not wait until after completing massage school. That’s why we’ve created this online massage exam course to help students succeed in massage school as well as on the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

MBLExGuide offers students a complete MBLEx test prep solution. Our structured lessons and realistic practice tests help massage therapy students to master content areas such as kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and client assessment, as well as the ethics and business side of being a massage therapist. The lessons here will help you excel in your massage school classes, pass the MBLEx, and find success faster in your first years of practice. Here are a few things that new members can expect to find on MBLExGuide:

  • Realistic MBLEx exam questions
  • Test taking strategies & tips
  • Performance feedback on practice exams
  • Engaging content to keep you focused
  • Correct answer rationales that explain quiz answers
  • Organized and comprehensive MBLEx Prep Course
  • Unlimited retakes of practice tests and quizzes
  • Individual test results and progress tracking

The Perfect Supplement to Any Massage Training Program

Our comprehensive MBLEx Course is the perfect supplement to support your massage classes and fill in any knowledge or curriculum gaps. The MBLEx Prep Course is a structured study program to guide massage students through all of the subjects needed to pass the massage exam and begin working as a massage therapist. If you’ve already graduated from massage school, even if it was years ago, don’t worry. The MBLEx Prep Course on MBLExGuide is a complete course that covers all the key elements of the test. And it will be a great refresher course if you haven’t done massage in a while. The MBLEx Course is included for free with our Silver (3-month) and Gold (6-month) memberships.

MBLEx Prep Course massage exam

MBLEx Practice Tests

Taking realistic MBLEx practice tests is one of the best ways to assess your understanding of new concepts and increase your confidence for the massage licensing exam. The practice tests and quizzes on MBLExGuide are designed to be realistic and challenging. Members that consistently score well on our exams can be confident on test day.

  • 10-Question content area quizzes to focus your study on a specific topic
  • 25-Question mini exams for a quick and comprehensive review of all topics
  • 100-Question simulated exams for realistic practice and review

Practice tests are not only an effective way to learn new information and reinforce lessons that you learned in massage school, they are also a great way to practice your test-taking skills and reduce test anxiety. Test-taking strategies such as narrowing your options, eliminating similar answers, pacing, identifying what a question is really looking for, and confirming your selection will improve your likelihood of success on test day.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best features of good practice exams is when there is a clear and concise rationale to why the correct answer is correct. Our MBLEx practice tests give members a test results report after each test and quiz so that you can see what you missed, and also see how to get it right next time. You can save and access your previous test results to track your progress and identify the content areas that you need to spend more time on.

MBLEx practice tests for the massage exam
  • MBLEx practice exams and quizzes
  • Opportunities to ask questions
  • Organized study plan
  • Massage exam tips
  • Muscle Flashcards
  • Current MBLEx information for 2024
  • Massage licensing information
  • Complete MBLEx Course
  • Progress tracking
  • Test taking tips

Muscle Flashcards

All of our memberships (Gold, Silver and Bronze) now include 115 muscle flashcards to help students learn muscle origins, insertions, actions and innervations for massage school or for the MBLEx.

Subjects Covered on MBLExGuide

The subjects covered on MBLExGuide focus on information that massage therapy students need to succeed in massage school and prepare for the massage licensing exam after graduation. We also focus on providing useful information that new practitioners need to succeed as a licensed massage therapist (LMT). If you are just beginning your massage therapy training program and have not yet begun to look into what you will need to know to pass the MBLEx in 2024, here is what’s on the FSMTB massage exam. You can also check out our blog for useful articles for massage students and practicing therapists. Below is a brief overview of the subjects that you will find covered in our blog and in the MBLEx Prep Course.

Anatomy and Physiology

The A&P content area of the massage exam is one of the most challenging for many students. It is only 11% of the MBLEx, but covers 12 systems of the body, which is a LOT of information to study. Our MBLEx Course and practice tests break down the science stuff and terminology to make this topic understandable and practical for new massage therapists.


The kinesiology section of the massage exam is another topic that can be confusing for students who have limited experience or education in science courses. MBLExGuide offers clear explanations of concepts like range of motion, muscle contraction, muscle origins, insertions, innervations and actions, and joint structure and function.

Pathology and Contraindications

This section of the MBLEx represents 14% of the massage exam, and also covers concepts like areas of caution, massage contraindications, massage therapy for special populations, and medications that may affect a massage treatment plan. Competency on these topics is critical for client and therapist health and safety.

Benefits and Effects of Massage

This MBLEx content area covers the physiological and psychological effects of massage and bodywork techniques on different body systems, tissues and organs. It also tests the therapist’s competency about massage technique, the application of modalities such as heat or cold, specific massage strokes, and the sequence of techniques.

Client Assessment and Treatment Planning

The client assessment section of the massage exam (17% of the MBLEx) covers concepts such as client intake, data collection, visual and palpation assessment, clinical reasoning and treatment planning. This information bridges the gap between just knowing a lot about the body and massage, to being able to deliver a massage treatment that helps to solve clients’ problems.

Ethics, Boundaries, Laws and Regulations

The ethics content area of the massage exam tests the new therapist’s understanding of ethical principles, boundaries, laws and regulations related to the massage therapy profession. This section is 16% of the MBLEx, and also covers: therapeutic relationships, massage scope of practice, violations, professional communication and confidentiality.

Guidelines for Professional Massage Practice

The final topic covered on the massage licensing exam represents 15% of the test, and covers client and therapist safety, draping, sanitation and hygiene, body mechanics and self-care, massage business planning, marketing, documentation, and business and healthcare terminology.

massage student preparing for the massage exam

Study Strategies and Test-Taking Tips

MBLExGuide offers tips to help you succeed in massage school, and strategies to help you have more productive study sessions. Preparing for a comprehensive multiple-choice exam like the MBLEx can be overwhelming, so we’ve created resources, tools and articles to help you with this. Topics: memorization techniques, flashcards, time management strategies, improving test scores.

Massage business owner standing at reception desk

Massage Marketing and Starting a Massage Business

Starting a massage business and getting your own massage therapy clients is a goal that most massage students and therapists share. We offer helpful articles and tips about entrepreneurship, marketing a massage business, building rapport with clients, creating business and marketing plans, managing finances, and personal development.

Massage License and Career Information

We offer new therapists helpful articles, resources and advice on topics such as: getting your state massage license, professional development, continuing education, massage certifications and specialty options, massage therapy equipment and supplies, professional massage organizations, massage insurance, finding the right massage job, massage job interview tips, and more.

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Start preparing for the MBLEx the easy way with this comprehensive and organized study plan. It's a great way to get started, and it's free

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