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Simulated Tests & Practice Quizzes

Practice tests are the core of our MBLEx review system. These include short quizzes on specific topics, and full-length timed exams. This critical component of any good study plan reveals your level of preparedness and any areas of weakness to increase your chance of success on the massage licensing exam.

$1,000 Massage Student Scholarship

MBLExGuide is offering a scholarship for currently enrolled massage therapy students. 

Application deadline is May 31, 2021. 

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Guide to Passing the MBLEx

This online guide is designed to provide the massage student or graduate an overview of all the topics covered on the MBLEx as well as study strategies and tips.


Try our free flashcards covering all seven MBLEx content areas.
Test your knowledge on different content areas of the MBLEx with flashcards
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30-Day Study Schedule

Get help organizing your MBLEx study plan with our 30-day Study Schedule. It includes tips and access to additional content area quizzes.

Starting Your Massage Therapy Career

Our online guide to starting your career in massage therapy was created for current massage students, new massage therapists, and people just starting to look into the profession.

Secrets to Acing Tests

Hack any test with our free guerrilla guide to taking tests. Improve your scores by learning easy strategies for multiple-choice tests.

OINA Review Tables

Downloadable PDF tables to review muscle origin, insertion, innervation and actions.

Client Assessment Guide

Review of client assessment and developing a treatment plan. Learn the basic process, then develop a system that works for you.

Daily Micro-Lessons

Follow us on social media for daily bite-sized lessons posted on our social media pages. These brief messages: give an inside perspective from experienced therapists, keep your massage studies “top of mind”, and invoke curiosity about your new profession.  

About the MBLEx

Get current information about the content of the MBLEx. Also find out how to apply, what to expect, and other news from the FSMBT. 

Create a Profile on MassageProfs

Create a free listing on our new partner website Start building your web presence and get found by potential clients. 

State Licensing Information

Find links and information on individual state requirements to be a licensed massage therapist.

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We've compiled a page of useful links for the massage student and practicing massage therapist.
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