Massage Forms

Download FREE PDF massage forms and documentation templates for your practice. Choose from massage intake forms, client assessment forms, health & medical history form, massage policy notification, informed consent, SOAP notes, chair massage signup, general liability waiver and release form, medical information release, physician communication, modality-specific consent forms, covid screening and liability release form, and massage client feedback form.

Massage Intake Forms, Policies and Guidelines

These massage intake forms are designed for therapists providing general therapeutic, remedial, and relaxation massage. They are appropriate for use at any typical massage setting. The massage intake form is designed to be completed by new clients, and contains elements of a client information form, health history form and assessment form. Massage therapists looking for custom forms to fit the specific needs of their unique practice are free to use these forms as a template to guide you as you create your own.

Massage Intake Form

Massage Intake forms free PDF download

Massage Policy Notification

Massage Policies Notification form free PDF download

Guidelines & Expectations

Massage guidelines and expectations form free PDF download

Massage Assessment and Health History Forms

This massage client assessment form and health history form are designed to assist massage therapists in conducting a thorough, organized and efficient client assessment by gathering relevant information. These forms can also help you identify massage contraindications, and guide you when developing a safe and effective treatment plan that addresses client goals. This assessment form is designed to be completed by the massage therapist and the health history form should be completed by the client. The level of detail needed on a health history form or during a client assessment varies depending on the setting and needs of the client. Feel free to modify these forms to meet your needs.

Massage Assessment Form

Massage Assessment Form

Health History Form

Massage health history form

Massage SOAP Notes

We have three SOAP note formats that you can choose to download. Each PDF can be printed and used as it is, or used as a template to create your own custom SOAP note. Massage therapy SOAP notes are commonly used to document regular (non-assessment) massage sessions. Some therapists also use the SOAP note format to document a client assessment (initial evaluation) as well. *Each Multiple Session SOAP note should contain only documentation for one client (3 separate massage sessions). You can learn more about writing SOAP notes in this article.

Simple SOAP Note (1-page)

Massage SOAP note free PDF download

Detailed SOAP Note (2-page)

Detailed Massage SOAP Note download free PDF form

Multiple Session SOAP Note

Massage SOAP Note, multiple session format massage forms

Chair Massage Forms

These chair massage forms are designed to help therapists organize their next onsite chair massage event. The time column on the chair massage signup form can be used for any massage duration (10-minute, 15-minute, etc.). It can be used at scheduled events where clients sign up for a specific time, or for walk-up events. The chair massage consent form can be used ‘as is’ or as a template to create your own.

Chair massage therapy

Chair Massage Signup Form

Chair Massage signup form, free PDF download

Chair Massage Consent Form

Chair Massage Informed Consent and Liability Release form

Massage Informed Consent and Minor Consent Forms

Massage consent forms are designed to inform clients of the risks, responsibilities and expectations regarding massage therapy and bodywork services. An informed consent form for massage typically states the scope and limitations of massage therapy, and clarifies that the client is voluntarily seeking massage. It provides potential clients with the information needed to make an informed decision about whether or not massage is appropriate for their needs. Consent forms also typically include elements of liability release for the therapist.

Massage Informed Consent

Massage Therapy Informed Consent and Liability Release Form

Minor Consent Form

Massage Consent form for minor

Massage Liability Release and Physician Communications

Massage therapists should require every client to review and sign a liability release form or liability waiver before providing massage services. It is important to note that a signed form does not ensure complete protection from liability, especially in cases of negligence or malpractice. The waivers and forms offered here are standard liability release forms, and it is recommended that you consult with a local lawyer to discuss what steps you can take to minimize your liability risk. A medical release form must be signed by a client in order for you to share client information with 3rd parties such as another healthcare or insurance provider. The physician prescription request is a referral form template that massage therapists can use to help a client obtain a prescription for massage from their doctor. This is useful especially for therapists who practice medical massage or who plan on billing the client’s insurance and need to verify medical necessity.

General Liability Release
(Massage Waiver Form)

General Liability Release Form, Massage Waiver

Medical Information Release

Medical Information Release Form

Physician Prescription Request

Physician Prescription Request

Cupping Therapy
Consent & Release Form

Cupping Consent and Release Form

Prenatal Massage
Consent & Release Form

Prenatal Massage Consent and Release Form

Cancer Massage
Consent & Release Form

Cancer Massage Consent and Release Form

Hot Stone Massage
Consent & Release Form

Hot Stone Massage Consent and Release Form

Covid Screening and Liability Release Form for Massage

This downloadable PDF massage therapy form was created to assist LMTs when screening new or current clients for coronavirus (COVID-19). This free covid forms may be used as it is, or as a template or framework to create your own customized form. *Please be aware that you may have specific rules and regulations in your jurisdiction regarding screening for covid, or inquiring about massage client vaccination.

Coronavirus Liability Release

Massage Coronavirus Liability Release Form PDF
Tips to Increase Immunity

Client Feedback Form

Massage client feedback forms are designed to help massage therapists gather useful feedback after client sessions in order to improve the client experience and create better client outcomes. This will ultimately result in increased client retention and referrals. Getting more repeat business means you can spend less time and energy marketing your practice, and spend more time working with clients. It also means happier customers and more financial security.

Massage Client Feedback Form

Massage Client Feedback Form
Massage client feedback form

Remember that liability release forms and liability waivers do NOT guarantee liability protection, even if they are signed by the client. Service providers are still liable (responsible) for the results of their work, and all massage therapists should have liability insurance. The forms and documents on this page are not meant to serve as medical or legal advice. Please seek legal advice to help you select or create the right forms for your practice. Some jurisdictions may have specific laws and requirements that are not reflected in these forms. By downloading and using any form posted here you assume full responsibility for your documentation and the services that you provide.