talking the MBLEx exam

11 Tips to Perform Better on MBLEx Test Day (2021)

Passing a licensing exam like the MBLEx can be a major obstacle for massage school graduates. Most states require that you pass the exam before you can apply for a massage license and start working as a massage therapist. Not passing the first time can be a frustrating experience, and

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Are you ready for the MBLEx massage exam?

How To Know If You’re Ready To Take The MBLEx

“How do I know when I’m ready to take the MBLEx?” That’s the question that goes through the mind of every new massage therapist after finishing their massage training program. Massage therapy school can be exciting. You’re learning the skills to start an awesome new career. But after spending 6-12

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MBLEx study guide and schedule

Create A MBLEx Study Plan (2021)

Preparing for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) can be a daunting task. It covers information that takes most massage therapy programs 6-12 months to cover. So studying for this comprehensive exam without feeling overwhelmed will require an effective MBLEx study plan. What is a study plan? A study plan

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massage therapist building rapport with client

How To Build Rapport as a Massage Therapist

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be able to connect with others effortlessly and naturally? People whose conversations with strangers looked more like they were talking with an old friend? These people could gain someone’s interest and respect quickly. They have the ability to put other people at

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Reasons why massage therapists fail the MBLEx

4 Reasons Why Massage Therapists Fail The MBLEx

The final step to becoming a licensed massage therapist in most states is to pass the MBLEx. This massage exam is challenging for many new therapists. Around 30%  of massage therapists fail the MBLEx on their first attempt. And for those who have to retake the test, nearly 70% fail

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Medications that massage therapists need to know for the MBLEx

10 Medications To Know For the MBLEx

Learning about prescription drugs and over the counter (OTC) medications can be overwhelming and confusing to massage therapy students and new therapists studying for the MBLEx. I created this post to help you understand this topic a little better as you prepare for the massage licensing exam. Massage therapy can

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MBLEx strategies for taking multiple choice exam

Strategies For Multiple Choice Questions On The MBLEx

Passing a multiple choice exam like the MBLEx depends on two things: preparation and a test-taking strategy. Nothing can replace solid preparation for an exam. But having a solid test-taking strategy for the MBLEx can help you do better on the massage licensing exam in 2021. The strategies and tips in

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