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Preparing for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam using our realistic MBLEx Practice Tests is the best way to review for the massage exam and ensure that you are ready on test day. Passing the MBLEx is often the last hurdle before new therapists can get their state massage license and begin a new career as a professional massage therapist. 

Unfortunately, only 72% of MBLEx candidates pass the massage exam on their first attempt (according to the FSMTB Annual Report, October 2021). And for those who have to retake the exam, only 40% pass (according to a previous FSMTB Annual Report).

Failing the MBLEx can be discouraging. Plus it means spending another $265 and waiting another 30 days before you can reschedule the exam. This postpones being able to start working as a massage therapist at least a month. You’ve worked hard to get this far. Don’t let passing the massage licensing exam slow you down. Our convenient MBLEx Practice Tests plus our comprehensive MBLEx Prep Course will increase your confidence and help you pass the massage exam the first time!

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MBLEx exam practice tests

Content Area Quizzes

Content Area Quizzes

Ideal for focused study on one individual MBLEx topic at a time. (350) of these realistic massage exam practice quizzes are currently available. Check your answers and retake the quizzes as many times as you need.

MBLEx massage exam

Mini Exams​ for Rapid Review

Mini Exams

Our MBLEx Mini-Exams are scaled-down versions of our full-length practice exams, designed for a rapid and comprehensive review session. Each mini-exam covers all 7 content areas. A total of (120) mini exams are available for members.

Online MBLEx exam practice tests

Simulated Practice Tests​​

Full-Length Exams

Assess your progress and test readiness with our full-length MBLEx practice exams. (30) simulated massage exams cover all 7 content areas with the correct category percentages, and are designed to feel like the actual MBLEx.

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MBLEx Practice Tests & Quizzes

Full-Length Simulated Exams

100-question practice massage exams cover all 7 content areas of the FSMTB Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). Unlimited retakes of practice tests. MBLEx check features correct answer rationales to help you understand why the correct answer is correct.

Designed Like the Actual MBLEx

Our mobile-friendly app with multiple-choice practice exams have a similar structure, difficulty level, and content percentages as the real MBLEx. You can review your practice test and quiz results by content area to find out what subjects you need to work on the most.

Content Area Quizzes

Members receive (350) 10-question content area quizzes to help you focus your study sessions and strengthen the areas that you need the most. These rapid quizzes provide quick performance feedback to guide and encourage you.

Every Practice Test is Unique

Every test has randomized MBLEx questions and answers positions to make retaking an exam more beneficial. Retake the practice exams and quizzes as many times as you need.

Why include MBLEx practice tests in your massage exam study plan?

Practice tests are one of the best ways to improve recall and prepare for an exam. Reading from textbooks is important to learn the concepts initially. But research shows that reading the same material over and over again is NOT the best way to increase recall and improve performance on tests. 

Using practice tests frequently is a much better study strategy to increase your recall of the material. This is called the testing effect. Repeated testing with review and feedback is a form of active learning that makes your memory stronger and makes it easier to retrieve the information you learn.

Massage school anatomy class

“Repeated testing is an effective strategy for learning and retaining information about human anatomy.”

Logan, J.M., Thompson, A.J., Marshal, D.W. (2011). Testing to enhance retention in human anatomy. Anatomical Sciences Education, Vol. 4, Issue 5, pp.243-248.

Massage therapy student studying online for the MBLEx

“Repeated studying after learning had no effect on delayed recall, but repeated testing produced a large positive effect.”

Karpicke, J.D., Roediger, H.L. (2008). The Critical Importance of Retrieval for Learning. Science, Vol. 319, pp.966-968.

“Immediate testing after reading a prose passage promoted better long-term retention than repeatedly studying the passage.”

Roediger, H.L., Karpicke, J.D. (2006). Test-Enhanced Learning: Taking memory tests Improves long-term retention. Psychological Science, Vol. 17, p.253.

“Repeated testing with feedback appears to result in significantly greater long-term retention of information taught in a didactic conference than repeated, spaced study.”

Larsen, D.P., Butler, A.C., Roediger, H.L. (2009). Repeated testing improves long-term retention relative to repeated study: a randomized controlled trial. Medical Education, Vol 43, issue 12, pp. 1174-1181

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MBLEx Content Breakdown

The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam, or MBLEx, created by the FSMTB is a comprehensive exam that covers the information that massage students and graduates need to know to get a massage license and begin working as a licensed massage therapist (LMT). This is a challenging test for many applicants because of the large and potentially overwhelming amount of information that could be on the exam. It can be difficult to know what information to focus on or even where to begin. The MBLEx practices tests and quizzes, as well as our comprehensive MBLEx Prep Course can guide your massage exam study plan and review sessions. This will save you valuable time, help you find out if you are ready for the exam, increase your likelihood of success on the exam, and reduce any test anxiety that you may have. Think of us as your personal online MBLEx coach or massage exam study buddy.

Anatomy and Physiology

The anatomy & physiology content area of the MBLEx exam tests the massage student’s knowledge of anatomical structures, physiological functions and systems of the body. There are (11) questions from the A&P section on the massage exam. You may be asked questions on any of the main systems of the body: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, skeletal and urinary. This content area also covers the anatomy and physiology of the special senses (sight, hearing, touch, vestibular, and taste), tissue injury and repair, and concepts of energetic anatomy. Even though this content area of the massage exam represents the smallest part of the MBLEx (11%), it covers an enormous volume of information (body of knowledge).


The kinesiology content area of the massage exam assesses the test candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the structures and processes related to body movement. It makes up 12% of the MBLEx (12 questions). Concepts such as muscle contraction, joint structure and function, types of joints, range of motion (ROM), proprioception, and the components and characteristics of muscles, tendons, bone, ligaments and fascia are covered in the kinesiology section. The massage student’s knowledge of muscle locations, shapes, origin, insertion points, and actions are also covered in this section. Our MBLEx practice exams include quiz questions on each of these topics.

Pathology, Contraindications, Areas of Caution, Special Populations

The pathology content area of the MBLEx accounts for 14% of the massage exam. It includes questions on common pathologies that a massage therapist may encounter when working as a licensed massage therapist. This section also tests the future LMT’s knowledge of massage contraindications to make sure that they know when it is necessary to modify a treatment plan, withhold massage completely, or seek medical clearance prior to providing massage therapy services. The pathology section also covers concepts regarding massage areas of caution, which must be understood in order to reduce the risk of causing client injury. MBLEx candidates may also see questions that test their knowledge of working with special populations, as well as classes of medications that may effect massage therapy.

Benefits, Effects and Techniques of Massage

This MBLEx content area represents 15% of the massage exam, and tests future massage therapists’ understanding of the benefits and effects of the soft tissue techniques used in massage therapy and other forms of bodywork. The focus of this section is on how massage creates physiological effects on the body, but also covers the psychological effects and aspects of touch and manual therapies. This content area includes not only effects on healthy adults, but the benefits and effects of massage for special populations (e.g. geriatric, pediatric, athletes, clients with certain impairments or comorbidities). Techniques, strokes, types of massage & bodywork, and the sequence of application are also covered here. The effects (immediate and delayed) of heat and cold applications are also covered in this section.

Client Assessment and Treatment Planning

The massage client assessment and treatment planning content area of the FSMTB MBLEx is the largest section of the massage exam (17 questions). This section covers a broad scope of topics, from the organization of a therapeutic massage or bodywork session, to clinical reasoning and developing a treatment plan. The client consultation and evaluation, and all of the related elements (verbal intake, visual assessment, palpation assessment, and range of motion assessment) are covered here too. You should also expect to see questions on different types of data collection and massage intake forms here such as the health history form.

Ethics, Boundaries, Laws and Regulations for Massage

The massage ethics and laws content area of the MBLEx is the second largest section, with 16 questions on topics from ethical behavior and principles, to professional boundaries and therapeutic relationships for massage therapists. This section also tests the massage exam candidate’s understanding of code of ethics violations, dual relationships, professional communication, confidentiality, and massage therapy scope of practice. Laws and regulations related to the practice of therapeutic massage or bodywork are also found in this content area.

Guidelines for Professional Massage Practice

The professional practice guidelines MBLEx content area is another diverse section of the massage licensing exam. It covers everything from sanitation and safety to body mechanics and business planning. Concepts such as therapist hygiene, office and treatment area cleanliness, client and therapist safety, PPE, injury prevention, and draping are included in this section of the massage exam. Non-clinical concepts such as job interviewing, business records, different types of massage business structures (e.g. sole proprietor, LLC), financial and tax documentation, and marketing of a massage practice are in this section. MBLEx applicants also need to have a solid understanding of business and healthcare terminology for this section.

Understanding the MBLEx: Practice Exam vs. Real Exam

When it comes to preparing for the MBLEx, nothing can be quite as invaluable as taking practice tests that mirror the real thing. So, how do our MBLEx practice questions compare to the actual exam? For starters, they’re designed to mimic the format, content areas, level of difficulty, and style of questions you’ll encounter on the actual MBLEx exam.

This ensures that every massage therapy student gets a realistic taste of the exam’s structure and knows what to expect. The beauty of such close simulation is twofold: it will increase your preparedness and significantly boost your confidence. Familiarity and preparedness will dramatically reduce test anxiety.

So, dive in and use these practice tests as your study buddy. Remember, the more you simulate the real test environment, the more prepared you’ll be on test day.

Making the Most of Practice Tests: Tips & Techniques

Have you ever taken an MBLEx practice test and wondered what your results actually mean? Correctly interpreting your scores and determining how to use these results to guide your upcoming study sessions is the key. It’s not just the number of correct answers, but identifying content areas that need extra attention. Here’s how to maximize your benefit from using practice tests:

  • Deciphering Results: After each MBLEx practice test, review both your correct and incorrect answers. Notice any patterns? Perhaps massage techniques or anatomy physiology topics, or skeletal muscle questions consistently stump you. By recognizing these patterns, you can tailor your study sessions more effectively. Also pay attention to questions that you happened to answer correctly only by guessing, especially if you don’t fully understand why the answer is correct.
  • Review the Answer Rationales: After completing your MBLEx practice test, don’t just note your scores and move on. Take a moment to explore the correct answer rationales provided on the results page, especially for questions you got wrong. These explanations are designed to offer deeper insight into each topic, whether it’s massage techniques, body systems, or client assessment. By understanding the ‘why’ behind each correct answer, you reinforce your knowledge, ensuring that the same mistake won’t occur on your actual exam. Think of these answer rationales as mini-lessons, each one sharpening your expertise a bit more.
  • Simulate Real Test Conditions: Turn off your phone, set a timer, and find a quiet space. By mimicking the actual test day environment, you’ll increase your mental focus and reduce anxiety. It can also help you fine tune your pacing for the real MBLEx exam.
  • Focus on Weak Points: Don’t just focus on your strengths. If you’re acing the muscle origin, insertion and action questions but faltering on client assessment, allocate more study time to the latter. Diversifying your knowledge ensures comprehensive preparation. Our short content area quizzes allow you to laser-focus your study sessions to fill in any knowledge gaps.
  • Repeat & Reassess: After a few weeks of targeted studying, circle back to a MBLEx practice test you’ve previously taken. By retaking the same MBLEx practice exam, you can directly measure your improvement. Did the kinesiology or pathology section that once troubled you now seem more manageable? This can boost your confidence and help you visualize your progress.
  • Use Errors as Study Points: Each mistake on a practice test is a golden opportunity. Instead of glossing over wrong answers, dive headfirst into them. Understand why you chose the incorrect answer and solidify your understanding of the correct one. This approach transforms each error into a targeted study guide entry, ensuring you’re less likely to repeat it on the actual MBLEx exam.

Practice tests are a mirror to your preparedness. By leveraging these MBLEx study tools strategically, you not only prepare for the massage license examination but also cement your foundational knowledge, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a fulfilling career in massage therapy.

Track Your MBLEx Timing with Practice Tests

You’ve got the knowledge, mastered the massage techniques, and feel ready to tackle every body system question that comes your way. But how’s your exam pacing? Time management during the MBLEx exam is an aspect that often gets overlooked. Remember that you have just under 2 hours to complete the 100-question exam. You don’t want to find out on test day that you are spending too long on each question.

The results reports for our practice tests will give you a clearer picture of how you are allocating your test-taking time. Are you rushing through skeletal muscles questions but lingering on ethics or client assessment questions? Being aware of how quickly you can complete a simulated exam ensures that when test day arrives, you’re not just answering correctly but efficiently.

MBLEx Practice Test PDF 25-Question Mini-Exam

MBLEx Practice Test PDF

Get a well-rounded preview of the MBLEx with our free, downloadable 25-question mini exam. This PDF practice test includes questions from all seven content areas covered on the actual MBLEx, giving you a comprehensive look at what to expect on test day. Along with it, you’ll find an answer key with explanations for each correct answer, helping you understand the ‘why’ behind them. Ready to test your knowledge? Click “Download Now” and get started!

MBLEx Practice Test

Take this free MBLEx practice test to check your knowledge of the subjects covered on the FSMTB massage licensing exam. After completing all questions and clicking Finish Quiz, the results page will show your total score and your score breakdown in each MBLEx content area. You can then click on View Questions to see the correct answers as well as the answer rationales.

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