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Prepare for the FSMTB Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) online with MBLExGuide’s MBLEx Prep Course. 

Review each of the 7 MBLEx content areas in 30 organized and concise lessons that focus on information your are most likely to need for the MBLEx.

This guided course walks you step-by-step through all of the major topics covered on the massage exam. 

Together with our simulated exams and practice quizzes, MBLExGuide provides a complete MBLEx test prep solution. 

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Quick Course Overview

MBLEx Prep Course Content

(30) lessons total. Every lesson contains a hyper-focused lesson on each of the 7 MBLEx content areas.

Images & Illustrations

Each lesson contains dozens of supporting images and illustrations that support and clarify the lesson content, and boost retention.

Custom Quizzes

A 15-question quiz follows each of the 30 lessons. These quizzes test comprehension and recall of the information covered in this lesson.

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Why You Should Enroll In This MBLEx Review Course

Review the most critical information

There are literally thousands of things that you could study for the MBLEx. This course saves your time by providing a full review of the most critical information that you will need for the MBLEx.

Organized lessons

Each of the 30 lessons was carefully structured to methodically and thoroughly cover all of the necessary information to pass the MBLEx. Easy navigation throughout the course.

Created by experts

This massage exam course was created by qualified content experts with years of hands-on experience in massage and manual therapies.

Membership Options

It's never too soon (or too late) to start preparing for the massage licensing exam. This course is included with MBLExGuide's Silver and Gold memberships.

Learner-friendly pacing

These self-paced MBLEx lessons can be completed 1 per day, 1 per week, or whatever fits your timeline. Reduce overwhelm and potential to overlook important topics.

Focus on content areas you need most

With our MBLEx Prep Course, you can focus on the content areas that you need the most help. The take the confusion out of the hardest subjects & concepts.

Free Updates

This MBLEx test prep course is updated frequently to take into account changes in the MBLEx. We also make improvements based on student feedback and suggestions.

Affordable Pricing

The MBLEx Course lets you review and prep for the massage exam without breaking the bank. The course is bundled with the Silver and Gold memberships.

Stay motivated and encouraged

Randomized 100-question or 25-question exams with the correct percentage of questions from each content area. Retake the exams as many times as you like.

Loads of images & illustrations

Our MBLEx course supports visual learners with photos and illustrations to support each lesson. Over 1,000 carefully selected images in this course.

Best value on the market

Our MBLEx Course is bundled with our simulated exams to provide a complete MBLEx test prep solution. This is currently the best value out of all the

Up-to-date content

The lessons in this MBLEx Course are based on the current MBLEx content outline as published by the FSMTB (as of January 2024).

Accessible from any device

Study for the mobile-friendly massage exam for an app like experience when and where you have time. All you need is Internet access.

Feel confident on test day

If you've ever experienced test anxiety, this MBLEx course and practice exams are ideal for you. Guided review and repetition will help you to master the massage exam content and help you feel confident on test day.

Proven Learning Strategies Used Throughout Our MBLEx Course


This powerful learning strategy is applied by delivering bite-size bits of information to the learner. Study tactics such as chunking reduce information overload and boost retention. Our MBLEx Prep Course segments massage exam content into over 270 lessons.

Spaced Repetition

Also called spaced practice, this learning strategy promotes "durable learning", and reduces the forgetting curve. Involves repeating previously learned material at strategically timed intervals.


This learning strategy involves switching between topics of study to maximize retention and creating connections between subjects. Our MBLEx Course applies this strategy by including topics from each of the 7 MBLEx content areas in each lesson.

Concrete Examples

Specific, concrete examples are given to help the learner understand abstract ideas. The concrete examples in this MBLEx Course are highly relevant to massage students and new massage therapists.


This teaching technique involves explaining and describing ideas with many details. We apply this strategy when needed to explain concepts that are commonly confusing to massage therapy students and new therapists.

Dual Coding

This is a fancy name for the learning strategy that involves integrating words and visuals to activate different centers of your brain. By using multimodal content, you can increase retention of new material.

Retrieval Practice

This learning strategy challenges the massage student to bring information to mind without the help of study materials. Each section of every lesson includes some review questions to accomplish this. Each lesson also concludes with a 15-question quiz that covers the topics in the lesson.

Active Learning

This MBLEx Course encourages active learning with suggested readings for students to further explore key topics. Since students have different textbooks available, we just encourage online research to take a deep dive into any content areas where appropriate.


As a MBLExGuide member, you are welcome to reach out to us if you encounter a concept that you can't quite understand. Think of MBLEx Guide as your personal massage exam coach or study buddy.

MBLEx Prep Course Content Overview At A Glance

Massage school anatomy class

Anatomy & Physiology

The anatomy and physiology content area represents 11% of the MBLEx. While it is the shortest section of the massage exam, the body of knowledge that these questions are drawn from is enormous. That’s why it helps to know what information to focus on.

  • Review the structure and function of all 12 systems of the body.
  • Learn important concepts and terminology
  • Tissue injury and repair
  • Concepts of energetic anatomy
massage therapy self care exercise


The kinesiology content area of the MBLEx represents 12% of the massage licensing exam. The topics in this content area can be a little confusing at first. But once understood, it can help the LMT become a more effective therapist.

  • Learn the components and characteristics of muscles
  • Learn muscle attachment points, actions, innervation and fiber directions (OINA)
  • Learn the concepts of muscle contractions
  • Learn all about joints: structure, function, shapes, components
  • Learn about range of motion (active, passive & resisted)
Massage Areas of Caution Endangerment Zones

Pathology, Contraindications, Areas of Caution

The pathology content area of the MBLEx represents 14% of the 2024 FTMSB massage licensing exam. The topics in this content area are important to know well in order to keep your clients and yourself safe. 

  • Get an overview of common pathologies that you may see on the MBLEx
  • Learn about different types of massage contraindications
  • Review the areas of caution (endangerment sites), including where they are and what structures are vulnerable
  • Learn about working with special populations
  • Learn essential information about classes of medications
Trigger point therapy of back and shoulder muscles.

Benefits & Effects, Techniques

The Benefits & Effects section of the MBLEx represents 15% of the massage exam. The topics in this content area cover the effects that our massage and bodywork treatments are creating within the client. This section also tests the applicants knowledge of techniques and practical application of massage modalities.

  • Identify the physiological effects of soft tissue manipulation
  • Understand the psychological responses and benefits of touch
  • Learn how massage can benefits special populations
  • Review specific techniques and strokes, modalities, and sequence of applications
  • Understand the immediate, delayed, and residual effects of cold and heat therapies
Talk to massage clients about medications

Client Assessment and Treatment Planning

The Client Assessment, Reassessment and Treatment Planning section of the MBLEx represents 17% of the massage exam. The topics in this content area make sure that the therapist knows how to properly screen and assess a new client, and develop a safe and effective treatment plan.

  • Learn how to organize a massage or bodywork session for a logical flow
  • Review aspects of client consultation, including intake documentation
  • Study the elements of visual assessment: general, posture & gait analysis
  • Tips, tricks and applications of palpation assessment
  • Range of motion (ROM) assessment
  • Review of clinical reasoning concepts, treatment goal setting and reassessment

Ethics, Boundaries, Laws, Regulations

The Ethics section of the MBLEx represents 16% of the 2024 massage exam. This section includes all of the legal and ethical guidelines for a professional massage therapist.

  • Ethics principles, ethical behavior and code of ethics
  • Therapeutic relationships and professional boundaries
  • Massage & bodywork related laws and regulations
  • Concepts of professional communication and documentation
  • Scope of practice concept
  • Confidentiality
Massage therapy is a good career

Guidelines for Professional Practice

The Guidelines for Professional Practice section of the FSMTB MBLEx represents 15% of the 2024 massage licensing exam. The topics in this content area focus on concepts related to providing safe and effective therapeutic treatments. 

  • Safe use of massage therapy equipment and supplies
  • Therapist hygiene and sanitation
  • Therapy concepts including self-care, body mechanics, and injury prevention
  • Client draping and communication for a safe and comfortable session
  • Massage business planning and practices, office management and marketing
  • Documentation, client records, business records, etc
  • Medical and business terminology

What You Can Expect In Every Lesson of this MBLEx Prep Course

Every Interactive Lesson Includes...

Is massage therapy the right career for me?

All 7 Content Areas

Each of the 30 lessons includes content from each of the 7 MBLEx content areas. These focused micro-lessons cover topics that you are likely to see on the actual massage exam.

massage terminology and vocabulary

Key Concepts & Terminology

The lessons in this MBLEx Prep Course emphasize the learner’s understanding of central concepts and terminology. The more you understand, the less you have to memorize.

MBLEx massage exam notes and tips

MBLEx Study Tips

Learn tips on study strategies, time management, memorization tactics, practical applications, testing tips, and more.

massage therapy SOAP notes

Study Notes

Each lesson includes relevant study notes to further explain any difficult concepts or fill any knowledge gaps. 

massage exam mblex questions

Rapid Review Quizzes

These brief quizzes questions immediately follow each content area to promote active learning and increase engagement.

Massage therapy tips for exam and practice

Practical Tips

We offer practical and actionable tips that you can apply to your own practice. 

Online MBLEx practice exams and study guide course

End-of-Lesson Quizzes

Every lesson in this MBLEx Prep Course ends with a 15-question quiz, based on content from that lesson. 

Massage student on laptop study for MBLEx

Study when and where you have time

MBLEx Course is right for you if:

You're currently in massage therapy school or a recent grad looking for an effective MBLEx test prep system.

You've been out of school for a while and need an intensive refresher course before taking the MBLEx

You've tried other MBLEx test prep books, study guides or courses and still don't feel confident and prepared for the MBLEx.

You're an experienced massage therapist but now need to take the MBLEx because you want to start working in a state that requires the FSMTB massage exam to apply for a massage license.

MBLEx Course might not be the best fit if:

You're 100% confident and ready for the MBLEx (congrats!).

You don't need a step-by-step guide or organized study system.

You're happy spending hours researching across dozens of books, websites and other sources to piece together the information you need.

Our MBLEx Prep Course Syllabus In Detail

The MBLEx review course includes 30 lessons, with each lesson including 1 or more focused tutorials in each of the 7 MBLEx content areas.

Lesson 1

  1. General A&P Concepts
  2. Kinesiology Fundamentals
    1. Muscle Review: Trapezius, Levator scapula, Latissimus dorsi, Teres major
    2. Bones: Scapula
  3. Intro to Pathology
  4. Physiological Effects of Massage & Bodywork
  5. Intro to Client Assessment & Treatment Planning
  6. Intro to Ethics for Massage Therapists
  7. Intro to Guidelines for Professional Practice

Lesson 2

  1. Homeostasis
  2. Kinesiology Concepts & Definitions
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Rhomboid major & minor
    2. Bone review: Ribs
  3. Pathology Concepts & Terminology (Part 1)
  4. Effects of Massage on the Autonomic Nervous System
  5. Organizing a New Client Session
  6. Code of Ethics
  7. Equipment Safety

Lesson 3

  1. Circulatory System A&P Overview
  2. Introduction to Joint Structure & Function
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Deltoid, Rotator cuff
    2. Bone review: Humerus
  3. Pathology Concepts & Terminology (Part 2)
  4. Effects of Massage on Pain
  5. Client Intake
  6. Ethics Violations
  7. Massage Therapy Supplies

Lesson 4

  1. Heart, Vessels & Blood
  2. Muscles & Generation of Force
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Biceps brachii, Coracobrachialis, Brachialis, Brachioradialis
    2. Bone review: Radius
  3. Circulatory System Pathology
  4. Effects of Massage on the Circulation System
  5. Written Data Collection
  6. Concepts of Ethical Practice
  7. Massage Therapist Hygiene

Lesson 5

  1. Digestive System A&P Overview
  2. Muscle Structure
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Triceps brachii, Anconeus
    2. Bone review: Ulna
  3. Digestive System Pathology
  4. Effects of Massage on the Digestive System
  5. Client Interview
  6. Ethics Concepts & Terminology
  7. Equipment Sanitation & Cleanliness

Lesson 6

  1. Digestion Process
  2. Skeletal Muscle Cell
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Pectoralis major & minor, Serratus anterior, Subclavius
    2. Bone review: Clavicle
  3. Contraindications for Massage Therapy (Part 1)
  4. Psychological Benefits & Effects of Massage
  5. Client Interviewing Skills
  6. Ethics Approaches
  7. Facility Sanitation & Cleanliness

Lesson 7

  1. Endocrine System A&P Overview
  2. Connective Tissue of the Musculoskeletal System
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: ECRL, ECRB, ECU
    2. Bone review: Carpals
  3. Endocrine System Pathology
  4. Effects of Massage on the Endocrine System
  5. Pain Assessment
  6. 8 Ethics Principles
  7. Maintaining a Safe Massage Facility

Lesson 8

  1. Hormones
  2. Tendons
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Extensor digitorum, Ext. digiti minimi, Ext. indicis
    2. Bone review: Metacarpals
  3. Contraindications for Massage Therapy (Part 2)
  4. Benefits for Specific Age Groups
  5. Assessing Vital Signs
  6. Do No Harm
  7. Risk Management

Lesson 9

  1. Endocrine Glands
  2. Ligaments
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Supinator, thumb muscles
    2. Bone review: Phalanges of the hand
  3. Acute Conditions
  4. Benefits for People with Disabilities
  5. Massage Assessment Forms
  6. Ethical Dilemmas, Problem Solving & Conflict
  7. Therapist Personal Safety

Lesson 10

  1. Integumentary System A&P Overview
  2. Muscle Contraction (Part 1)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: forearm pronators, finger flexors
    2. Bone review: Mandible
  3. Integumentary System Pathology
  4. Effects of Massage on the Integumentary System
  5. Visual Assessment Overview
  6. Unethical Business Practices
  7. Client Safety

Lesson 11

  1. Layers of the Skin
  2. Muscle Contraction (Part 2)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Flexor carpi ulnaris & radialis, Palmaris longus
    2. Bone review: Maxilla
  3. Cancer & Massage Therapy
  4. Overview of Massage Techniques & Terminology
  5. Skin Assessment
  6. Massage Laws, Rules & Regulations
  7. Body Mechanics

Lesson 12

  1. Lymphatic System A&P Overview
  2. Types of Muscle Contractions
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Thenar eminence
    2. Bone review: Sphenoid
  3. Lymphatic System Pathology
  4. Effects of Massage on the Lymphatic System
  5. Posture Assessment
  6. Massage Policies
  7. Protective Gear for Massage Therapists

Lesson 13

  1. Lymphatic Circulation
  2. Proprioception
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Hypothenar muscles
    2. Bone review: Nasal, Ethmoid, Lacrimal
  3. Areas of Caution
  4. Effleurage & Petrissage
  5. Common Posture Abnormalities
  6. Professional & Business Licenses
  7. Self-Care Strategies

Lesson 14

  1. Muscular System A&P Overview
  2. Muscle Shapes & Fiber Directions
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Gluteus maximus, medius & minimus, TFL
    2. Bone review: Ilium
  3. Muscular System Pathology (Part 1)
  4. Friction, Tapotement & Vibration
  5. Gait Assessment for Massage Therapists
  6. State Board & Practice Act
  7. Injury Prevention for Massage Therapists

Lesson 15

  1. Skeletal Muscle Cell
  2. Muscle Concepts & Terminology (Part 1)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Deep 6 lateral rotators of the hip
    2. Bone review: Sacrum, Coccyx
  3. Muscular System Pathology (Part 2)
  4. Effects of Massage on the Muscular System
  5. Palpation Assessment
  6. Scope of Practice 
  7. Draping Overview

Lesson 16

  1. Concepts & Terminology Related to the Muscular System
  2. Muscle Concepts & Terminology (Part 2)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Quadriceps, hip flexors
    2. Bone review: Femur
  3. Repetitive Stress Injuries
  4. Effects of Massage on the Nervous System
  5. Range of Motion (ROM) Assessment
  6. Abuse
  7. Draping Technique & Communication

Lesson 17

  1. Nervous System A&P Overview
  2. Joint Types & Classifications
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Sartorius, Gracilis, Adductor longus & brevis
    2. Bone review: Pubic
  3. Nervous System Pathology (Part 1)
  4. Benefits & Physiological Effects of Heat
  5. Joint End Feel
  6. Laws & Regulations Terminology
  7. Business Planning

Lesson 18

  1. Nervous System Concepts & Terminology
  2. Synovial Joint Shapes
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Hamstring group, Adductor magnus, Pectineus
    2. Bone review: Ischium
  3. Nervous System Pathology (Part 2)
  4. Benefits & Physiological Effects of Cold
  5. ROM of the Spine
  6. Client Rights
  7. Business Concepts & Structures

Lesson 19

  1. Nerves
  2. Synovial Joint Compression
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Plantaris, Popliteus
    2. Bone review: Tibia
  3. Special Populations
  4. Application of Massage & Bodywork Techniques
  5. ROM of the Upper Extremity
  6. Client Consent
  7. Massage Office Management

Lesson 20

  1. Reproductive System A&P Overview
  2. Joints of the Shoulder Girdle
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Tibialis posterior, Toe flexors
    2. Bone review: Fibula
  3. Reproductive System Pathology
  4. Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
  5. ROM of the Lower Extremity
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Setting Up a Treatment Area
Lesson 21
  1. Respiratory System A&P Overview
  2. Joints of the Elbow, Wrist & Hand
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Tibialis anterior, EHL, EDL, EDP
    2. Bone review: Tarsals
  3. Respiratory System Pathology
  4. Myofascial Release & Neuromuscular Therapy
  5. Neurophysiologic Laws
  6. Professional Conduct & Behavior
  7. Massage Business Policies & Procedures
Lesson 22
  1. Respiration
  2. Joints of the Spine
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Fibularis longus, brevis & tertius
    2. Bone review: Metatarsals
  3. Immune System Disorders
  4. Sports Massage & Chair Massage
  5. Dermatomes
  6. Massage Education, Credentials & Association
  7. Marketing a Massage Business
Lesson 23
  1. Skeletal System A&P Overview
  2. Cervical Spine
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Suboccipitals, muscles of facial expression
    2. Bone review: Cervical vertebrae
  3. Skeletal System Pathology (Part 1)
  4. Medical Massage & Lymphatic Massage
  5. Strength Assessment
  6. Concepts of Professionalism
  7. Massage Business Documentation & Records
Lesson 24
  1. Shape & Structure of Bones
  2. Thoracic Spine
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Masseter, Temporalis, Medial & lateral pterygoids
    2. Bone review: Thoracic vertebrae
  3. Skeletal System Pathology (Part 2)
  4. Hot Stone Massage & Pregnancy Massage
  5. Special Tests for Massage Therapists
  6. Boundaries
  7. Massage Business Financials
Lesson 25
  1. Histology of Bone
  2. Lumbar & Sacral Spine
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: SCM, Scalenes
    2. Bone review: Lumbar vertebrae
  3. Pain
  4. Structural Integration & Joint Mobilization
  5. Clinical Reasoning
  6. Professional Communication Concepts
  7. Hiring & Interviewing for Massage Therapists
Lesson 26
  1. Special Senses A&P Overview
  2. Hip Joint
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Abdominals
    2. Bone review: Phalanges of the foot
  3. Special Senses Pathology
  4. More Massage & Bodywork Modalities
  5. Developing a Treatment Plan
  6. Documentation for Massage Therapists
  7. Starting a Massage Business
Lesson 27
  1. Urinary System A&P Overview
  2. Knee Joint
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Diaphragm, Intercostals, QL
    2. Bone review: Sternum
  3. Urinary System Pathology
  4. Eastern Therapeutic Approaches
  5. Establishing Treatment Goals
  6. Risk & Insurance
  7. Medical & Healthcare Terminology
Lesson 28
  1. Tissue Injury & Repair
  2. Joints of the Foot & Ankle
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Serratus posterior, Splenius
    2. Bone review: Frontal, temporal
  3. Connective Tissue Disorders
  4. Cupping, Hydrotherapy & Aromatherapy
  5. Client Education
  6. Therapeutic Relationships
  7. Medical Root Words, Prefixes & Suffixes
Lesson 29
  1. Healing Process
  2. Range of Motion Concepts (Part 1)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Erector spinae
    2. Bone review:Parietal, Occipital
  3. Pharmacology Concepts
  4. Energy Work & Movement Therapies
  5. Initiating Treatment
  6. Power, Authority & Transference
  7. Massage Business Terminology
Lesson 30
  1. Energetic Anatomy for the Massage Therapist
  2. Range of Motion Concepts (Part 2)
    1. MBLEx Muscle Review: Multifidus, Semispinalis, Rotatores
    2. Bone review: Zygomatic
  3. Classes of Medications
  4. Mind-Body & Other Therapeutic Systems
  5. Client Reassessment
  6. Therapeutic Relationship Concepts & Terminology
  7. Top GPP Concepts to Know for the MBLEx

Frequently Asked Questions

new massage therapist asks if she is ready to pass the MBLEx

The MBLEx Prep Course is an online massage exam prep course that was created to help massage students and graduates prepare for the FSMTB Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). The course is 30 lessons, with each lesson including content from each of the 7 content areas of the MBLEx. 

Each lesson in the MBLEx Course should take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. However, this will vary depending on the lesson and the student. A highly motivated student can probably complete all 30 lessons in 2 weeks. But we recommend completing no more than one lesson per day in order to maximize retention and reduce overwhelm. The ideal pace would be to complete 2-4 lessons per week to allow time to process and assimilate the information. This would also allow time to do further study on any topics that you have difficulty with.

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