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Guidelines for Professional Practice

The Guidelines for Professional Practice content area of the MBLEx assesses key competencies needed by a new massage therapist to provide safe and effective massage treatments. This section covers proper selection, use and maintenance of massage equipment and supplies. Massage students are also tested on their knowledge of sanitation and therapist hygiene procedures in this section of the massage exam. The professional massage therapist needs a good understanding of proper body mechanics and draping techniques which are reviewed in this content area. You may also see questions about the business of massage therapy, including running a successful massage practice, professional liability insurance, taxes  and business planning. Check our our main flashcard page to see flashcards in other MBLEx content areas.

Massage equipment and supplies

What treatment room feature will reduce the risk of falls and injury?
non-slip floor covering
Maintaining adequate supply levels requires proper management of ________ .
A product that is designed to minimize the possibility of an allergic response or irritation is considered _________ .
What device sterilizes equipment by using steam, UV, temperature or pressure?
What class of cleaning products is best for cleaning equipment to kill microorganisms?
disinfectant (examples: bleach, alcohol, Lysol)
What is the safe and therapeutic range at which a hydrocollator would be kept?
160 - 170 degrees F

Therapist hygiene

What type of chemical can be applied to living tissue such as skin to kill microorganisms?
antiseptic (examples: rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, boric acid)
How often should a massage therapist wash hands, at a minimum?
before and after every treatment
What grooming procedure should all practicing massage therapists do in addition to hand washing to improve hygiene?
keep fingernails short and clean

Sanitation and cleanliness

How often should linens be changed?
after every treatment/use
How can a massage therapist avoid contaminating a bulk container of massage lotion or liniment?
Use a pump or clean utensil to extract the product rather than your hand
What guidelines are recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of transmitting pathogens?
standard precautions (or universal precautions)

Therapist self-care

In order to minimize strain and risk of injury, it is important to maintain proper ___________ .
body mechanics
What is something that a massage therapist can do to protect her hands from strain and overuse injuries?
Use other body parts like elbows, forearms and the heel of the hand to apply heavy pressure. Or use tools designed for trigger point work.
What are forms that state what chemicals are in a substance, and what potential harm they could cause to a person or the environment?
material safety data sheet (MSDS)
What does PPE stand for? (examples: gloves, finger cot, mask, eye shield, non-slip shoes)
personal protective equipment
Why is setting the correct table height and using a good stance important?
to protect the therapist's back and reduce strain
What is the most effective and comfortable way to lower your center of gravity while standing?
bend your knees


List 2 reasons to use proper draping techniques.
to establish a physical boundary; to allow for client modesty; to keep the client warm
During a massage, which part of the body is undraped?
the part currently being worked on
What is the draping technique that permits leg ROM while maintaining appropriate cover?
diaper drape

Business practices

What type of insurance offers protection from lawsuits related to negligence, malpractice, or misrepresentation?
professional liability insurance
Where is the best place to go over a client's completed health history form (with the client)?
in a private treatment room
What is required by most stated in order to provide massage therapy services to the public in exchange for payment?
massage license
What is the classification list of codes for diseases, which was established by the World Health Organization (WHO)?
ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases)
What is one of most important factors when designing a new massage office?
client and staff safety
Failure to perform services to a reasonable and standard level of competence and conduct is called __________ .

Small business terminology

What is the term for a new client that was sent from another provider or a previous client?
What is the accounting term for physical property that costs money to maintain ownership (due to maintenance, taxes, etc)?
What is the financial statement for a business, that states assets, liabilities, and owner's equity at a particular point in time?
balance sheet (it is like a financial snapshot)
What is the term for a periodic business cost that remains the same regardless of number of clients or sales revenue?
fixed cost (example: rent and insurance)
What is the process of researching, promoting, selling and distributing a product or service?
What is the term for the written plan of action that establishes guidelines and lays down the business's response to a situation?

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