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Ethics, Boundaries, Laws and Regulations

The Ethics content area is 16% of the FSMTB Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). This section assesses the exam candidate’s knowledge of massage ethics, boundaries, laws and regulations. Professional massage therapists need a good understanding of the concepts of ethical practice including: professional boundaries, establishing and maintaining therapeutic relationships with massage clients, massage scope of practice, confidentiality, professional communication, and massage laws and regulations. Having a strong knowledge of these massage ethics concepts will help prevent code of ethics violations and client injury. Our free MBLEx flashcards will help you review these concepts quickly and learn about other topics covered on the exam. These flashcards are also useful to stimulate discussion in small study group sessions. Our realistic practice tests can help you prepare for the exam, and determine when you’re ready to take the actual MBLEx. We have a free exam with 50 multiple-choice MBLEx practice questions you can try now.  

Ethical behavior

What is a definition of ethical behavior?
Ethical behavior is acting in a manner consistent with moral principles and generally accepted good values.
Name 2 examples or characteristics of ethical behavior:
integrity, honesty, fairness, dignity, fairness, individual rights
When faced with a conflict of interest, an example of ethical behavior would be to act based on:
the client's best interest

Professional boundaries

What is a definition of professional boundaries?
Limits of appropriate behavior that protect the line between the professional's power and the client's vulnerability.
Name 2 boundaries that a professional massage therapist should respect.
Interaction is limited to the treatment location. Purpose of interaction is therapeutic. Payment is made for services.
When should professional boundaries be established?
early in the therapeutic relationship

Code of ethics violations

Misrepresenting ones training, credentials, or claims about treatment effectiveness is a violation of:
AMTA's Rules of Ethics
Think of 1 code of ethics violation.
performing treatments beyond training and scope of practice
A romantic client relationship outside of work is an example of violation of:
professional boundaries

Therapeutic relationships

What is the purpose of a therapeutic relationship?
to assist an individual (the client) in changing his or her life for the better within the scope of the therapist's practice
An unconscious direction of feelings towards another person is a phenomenon known as:
___________ in a therapeutic relationship will help clients feel safe and that their treatment will be helpful.

Dual relationships

What is a definition of a dual relationship?
when multiple roles exist between the therapist and a client
What other forms of relationship may exist between the therapist and client that would be considered a "dual relationship"?
Almost any other role would constitute a "dual relationship". This includes: friend, romantic partner, family member, student, employee,
Dual relationships should be avoided if they have the potential to lead to __________ or ____________ .
boundary violation or harming the therapeutic relationship

Sexual misconduct

When should sexual advances, gestures, comments, or innuendos from a client be addressed?
a client who crosses a sexual boundary should be corrected immediately
What kind of boundaries can prevent sexual misconduct?
physical, emotional, and sexual
What is one way to prevent sexual expectations or advances from a client?
wear professional and conservative clothing

Massage laws and regulations

What does HIPAA stand for?
Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act
What is a rule or guideline that is set up by government officials?
What are standards and rules adopted by administrative agencies, that govern how laws will be enforced?

Massage scope of practice

For a massage therapist, diagnosing pathologies is:
out of their scope of practice
What should a massage practitioner do if a client asks her to perform a treatment that is out of her scope of practice, such as perform a cervical manipulation?
Educate the client that this treatment is out of scope of practice, and make an appropriate referral if the client wants to pursue this treatment.
Why should a massage therapist not perform treatments that are out of their scope of practice or beyond their current training level?
Because it is illegal, it risks harm to the client, and it hurts the industry image of massage therapy.

Professional communication

What form must a client sign before a treating therapist or physician may share client information with another provider?
medical release form
Name 1 thing that a massage therapist must respect in regards to receiving, handling or transferring client personal or health information?
What information must a client have before they can give informed consent?
The client must understand any risks, potential benefits of treatment, and be aware of alternative treatment options.


How should all client information be stored?
securely behind lock or password
Is it OK to discuss a client's treatment or other information with the client's spouse or closest friend?
No (unless written authorization is given)
What 2 pieces of information will you need when contacting a client's physician?
the client's name and date of birth


Ethics is the branch of philosophy that studies:
what moral action a person should take in different situations
Moral excellence or conformity to a standard of right is a definition of _________ .
What approach to ethical decision making focuses on the fair and equitable distribution of resources and costs?
Fairness approach

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