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Benefits and Physiological Effects

This content area of the massage licensing exam tests the student’s understanding of the benefits and physiological effects of massage and bodywork techniques. MBLEx candidates need a strong understanding of the effects of massage therapy and bodywork techniques in order to provide safe treatments that progress their clients towards their treatment goals. The FSMTB Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam tests entry-level competency, so candidates should focus on the physiological effects of massage that come from applying basic massage techniques. Be sure to check out our flashcards in other massage exam content areas on our main MBLEx flashcard page. Members get access to our Muscle Flashcards

Physiological Effects of Massage

What physiological effect does massage typically have on the peripheral nervous system?
stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
Heat from a hot pack is an example of what kind of physiological effect?
thermal effect
What is a localized physiological effect of massage techniques that is evidenced by superficial hyperemia.
increased local circulation
What is a physiological effect that trigger point therapy can provide?
reduced local and referred pain; reduced hypertonicity at trigger points; improved muscle function
What is an example of a physiological effect on hormone production that can be caused by a relaxing massage?
decreased adrenaline; decreased cortisol; increased endorphins
Reduced adhesions after using friction techniques is an example of what specific kind of physiological effect?
mechanical effect

Psychological Effects

Using massage to stimulate what body system is most responsible for stress reduction or producing a relaxation effect?
nervous system (along with the endocrine system)
Massage therapy can produce a calming effect, reduce anxiety and improve ability to focus in children with ____________ .
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Massage therapy may help improve mood and relieve depression by increasing levels of what two neurotransmitters?
dopamine and serotonin

Benefits for Specific Client Populations

Massage therapy can relieve symptoms of spasticity, pain and decreased ROM in people with hemiplegia, commonly caused by:
stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
What physiological benefits can massage therapy offer for clients with multiple sclerosis (MS)?
reduced pain and spasticity
What specific client population would most benefit from receiving massage treatments in the sidling position?
pregnant women
Massage can help relieve chronic anxiety in people who have suffered from traumatic experiences and are diagnosed with _______ .
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Massage therapy can decrease physical pain and sense of isolation that is common within this segment of the population:
People with this bone degenerating disease process can benefit from gentle massage:

Soft Tissue Techniques - strokes, sequence, and modalities

What term often refers to the fluid and seamless sequence of massage techniques?
That is the mechanical force used in massage that is the opposite of traction?
What technique involves applying a sustained pressure to relieve fascia restrictions and improve motion?
myofascial release
What is the amount of pull or stretch on tissues, which is influenced by the amount of friction?
The pressure throughout the effleurage stroke should be:
Which of the standard Swedish massage strokes produces the most stimulating or invigorating effect?
tapotement (percussion)
What soft tissue technique uses static finger pressure to deactivate painful, hyperirratable nodes in muscles?
trigger point therapy (also called neuromuscular therapy)
That massage technique is best for increasing blood flow and warmth to an area?
What bodywork technique has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and involves stimulating points along meridians with finger pressure?
This mechanical force is in the same direction as the plane of movement:
shear force
Tapping, cupping, hacking and pummeling are all forms of ________ .
tapotement (or percussion)
Which massage technique uses long gliding strokes, and can be a good transition technique?

Hot and Cold Applications

What is a cold wet cloth applied to the skin to reduce pain and swelling from an injury?
cold compress
Cold therapy treatments are most commonly recommended during which phase of healing after an injury?
Hot or cold treatments that result in increased blood flow to an area cause local _______ .
What is the safe temperature range for immersion hydrotherapy (i.e. hot tub)?
102 - 104 degrees F
Heat from the application of a hot pack is delivered through what method of heat transfer?
Cryotherapy causes superficial blood vessels to narrow, a process known as:

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